Do Robot Mowers Work Well?

Do Robot Lawn Mowers Work?

Do Robot Lawn Mowers Work

Robot lawn mowers work exceptionally well to keep your lawn looking like a seamless area of freshly cut grass.

For most people, it is hard to conceptualise how a small robot mower can maintain the lawn, after all you normally have a gas guzzling petrol mower that normally does the job.

Petrol mowers use a blunt steel blade that whacks grass at a speed of 3000rpm. So, the cut is never a clean cut, and the frequency of mowing is normally weekly or longer, meaning the grass is normally long by the time you mow it. Not only is the grass long, but weeds have also started to spread and there are a lot of clippings to dispose of once you have mowed. There goes your Sunday morning.

Robot mowers are quiet, as they have an electric motor, yet despite being quiet they are still operating between 3000 and 3500 rpm. But here is where things differ completely, robot mowers use a razor-sharp blade that cuts the grass into a fine micro mulch. The blade system is akin to a double-sided razor blade. Plus, there are no clippings to pick up. The clippings are not visible on the lawn, it becomes a fine powder like substance that nestles between the blades of grass. Due to it being so refined, it breaks down quickly, naturally fertilising your lawn and not creating thatch. The result, healthier and greener lawn, no clippings to pick up and better for the environment.

Robot mowers work exceptionally well and exceed people’s expectations. They can be set to schedule, so it is set and forget. Robot Lawn Mowers like the MoeBot can easily be controlled via the APP on your smartphone. Providing you the ability to set schedules or start your MoeBot whether you are inside, at work or on holidays.

With a robot lawn mower, not only will your lawn look great, but it is also better for the environment and your time.

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