Best robot lawn mower Australia!

The MoeBot S5 | S10 is currently ranked as one of the best robotic lawn mowers in Australia!

Customers love the simplicity, specifications and cost effectiveness of the MoeBot S5 | S10. With Spring just around the corner you may be considering what is the best option for you and your family.

We have developed the MoeBot S5 | S10 to be cost effective and simple to use. We believe there is no robot lawn mower in Australia that comes close to the quality and specifications we have have, all for under $1k! But it is not just us, it is our customers who publicly rave about MoeBot S5 | S10……plus there are some great professional reviews coming out.

Unlike the majority of brands, MoeBot is an Australian owned brand, helping support Australian families. We offer set up advice and support online and we have a growing dealer network. So if you are thinking of a robot lawn mower in Australia, think MoeBot!