Robot Mower Support


Basic property preparation before installation
  • Ensure that the chosen area for the base station has level ground in front of an underneath where you wish to install the base station
  • Ensure any holes, dips or divots are repaired
  • Avoid placing your MoeBot boundary wire in areas which have sandy or eroded soil
  • Don’t place the base station in areas where it floods
  • Ensure the grass area is prepared and ready for installation
What length should my grass be before installation

Ideally your grass should not be long, especially where the boundary line is to be installed. Where you install the boundary wire the grass should be at your desired cutting height so the boundary wire can be as flush to the ground as possible.

In other areas we recommend not having the grass any higher than 3cm.

How to attach the charging pins
  • Don’t over tighten
  • Check periodically to ensure they have not gone loose
How to set up the base station correctly?
  • Ensure the ground is level in front of the base station
  • Ensure that the base station is level
  • Ensure the boundary wire has 2.5m of straight line coming from the front of the base station
  • Ensure the boundary wire is following the arrow marked on the base station

How to set the wires behind the base station
  • Ensure the black connector wire goes underneath and out the front of the base station
  • Ensure the red connector wire runs behind the base station
  • Ensure wires are pegged to the ground and close together

How to install the boundary wire
  • You will need a rubber mallet
  • You will need wire cutters
  • You will need pliers
  • Ensure you maintain the correct spacing between retaining walls and the boundary wire
  • Ensure you set corners correctly
How to set corners correctly
  • Never have sharp corners


How to lay your boundary wire near a retaining wall
  • Maintain a 35cm distance for the MoeBot 800

Operating your MoeBot 800/2600

Should I place my MoeBot under cover in the rain?

In heavy down pours it is recommended to place your MoeBot under cover or have a cover installed over your MoeBot.

How to set a cutting schedule
  • Pay careful attention to the WIFI connection

How to manually set your MoeBot to mow
  • Place your MoeBot in the middle of the cutting area, not near the boundary wire

How to link your phone to the APP
  • Turn off your home WIFI connection


How to adjust the cutting height on the MoeBot 800
  • Do not over tighten
  • It is best to cut in layers, start at the highest cutting setting then reduce gradually until you reach you desired cutting height


My MoeBot is cutting in circles?

If the grass is longer the MoeBot will complete a spiral cut. The spiral cut is more efficient and reduces wear and tear on the motor.


Why does my MoeBot stop suddenly or keep doing circles?
  • Incorrect connection at the back of the base station


Why is the base station beeping?

You have a break in the boundary wire. First check any connectors and reconnect, if that fails you will need to identify where there is a break in the line.

A simple way to do this is with an AM radio. Turn on the AM radio and place near the boundary wire. Adjust the station until you hear audible interference with your AM radio.  Keep moving the AM radio over the boundary wire until you hear no interference, this is an indicator that there is a break in the boundary wire.

Breaks can occur if theline is too tight and with changes in hot/cold weather. It can also happen with hydro static pressure that can occur under the ground due to poor drainage which may shift the earth, breaking the line.

How to sync the base station

If you have more than one base station  you will need to sync to the MoeBot each time you relocate to a new base station.

Why does my MoeBot 800 stop cutting?
  • The cutting height needs to be adjusted
  • Boundary wire connection has been set up incorrectly
My MoeBot keeps doing laps around the boundary wire
  • Base station needs levelling
  • You have used manual mow too close to the
  • My MoeBots wheels are spinning in the dirt
My MoeBot’s wheels are spinning in the dirt

Adjust the range function via the app, this is the sensitivity of the bump sensor. The MoeBot is set at the highest setting of 4 at the factory, the lowest setting is 1. If this fails it is may be a soil issue.

  • The sub-surface ground is too soft… I.e sandy/eroded soil or muddy areas
  • Repair the subsurface area or relocate the boundary wire or base station.


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