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You can choose to either

(i) install your MoeBot yourself or

(ii) have one of our professional installers install MoeBot for you.

Your MoeBot comes with a detailed instruction manual and videos making installation easy. The only tool you will require is a rubber mallet to hammer your pegs in and some wire cutters to cut and splice your boundary wire.

To install MoeBot on an average size lawn of 100sqm it will take approx 1-2hrs. 

Please read the instruction manual carefully and watch the installation videos

Incorrect installation can lead to operational issues with your MoeBot and are often the cause of any issues.

Here are some helpful installation tips:

  • Ensure any divots or holes in the lawn are repaired
  • Ensure the base station is level 
  • Ensure corners are set up as per the manual
  • Ensure your MoeBot is fully charged before use

If you would prefer to book an install please call 03 9758 8551 


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