Golf Courses

Lower your golf course maintenance costs

With golf memberships at a 20 year low, now is the most competitive time in the industry to attract new members. With revenue down, golf courses must invest more money into look, feel and experience on the golf course. To attract new members or regular users, your course must look green, pristine and have great facilities.

For many courses, hiring more maintenance, upgrading assets and hiring more gardeners is not viable, but a necessity for long term survival.

What is there is a way to reduce operational expenses and improve customer experience?

Moebot can install a fleet of robots which can keep your fairways and greens in perfect condition year-round.

Unlike a normal employee, they don’t require leave, lunch breaks or sick days.

We have robots capable of mowing an acre at a time, they are low noise, require little maintenance, are GPS tracked and can operate day or night.

Lowering your labour, maintenance and asset costs.

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