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Mows up to 8,611 square feet!

 Mowing your own lawn has never been so effortless
and also good for the planet at the same time!

MoeBot 800 (5)

The Future of Lawn Mowing Has Finally
Arrived – And It’s Truly BEAUTIFUL!


Just imagine walking out to your lawn, and never having to mow it yourself – ever again!
Now thanks to the technological marvel that is MoeBot – your dream can become your reality. MoeBot is a premium, yet very cost-effective “robot” mower that’s been designed to make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to lawn care.

Sure, MoeBot may look like it’s straight out of a science-fiction movie, but it’s not.
In fact, the technology behind robot mowing has now been around for nearly 25 years. But this kind of breakthrough technology has previously only been limited to a very select few due to the high cost of the technology itself (thousands of dollars).

The good news is, not only has this technology become even more advanced, but it’s also become more affordable for EVERYONE! MoeBot encompasses everything that’s great about robot mowing in one mighty little mower that includes superior technology, ease of use, shocking affordability, while also being environmentally friendly.

To get you more acquainted with MoeBot, here are some useful and popular links you may want to check out for more information…

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  • How MoeBot Cuts – Are you curious about how MoeBot actually will cut your lawn, and by how much? All of this is now answered for you and more!
  • MoeBot Maintenance – You’re probably wondering what kind of maintenance and upkeep may be involved with MoeBot. The answer will shock and surprise you!
  • MoeBot Safety & Security – Is MoeBot actually safe and secure to operate? Can you trust it to safely mow your very own lawn? The answer is YES!
  • Is MoeBot The Right Size? – Is MoeBot the right size to mow your lawn? How much lawn does it cover and at what pitch? Find out this and more!

Still have other questions or concerns? No problem.

Simply read common FAQ’s or contact us here or you check out
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Proud Owners Are Simply Raving About How
MoeBot Is Making Their Lives Easier!

Rhys Matthews (Melbourne, Australia)

I’ve had my Moebot for a few months now and is going fantastic! Am loving not having to mow the lawn and it always looks great. I looked into a couple of robot lawn mowers, but they all seemed expensive with unnecessary features.

Moebot has all the great features you need and it cuts through my thick Kikuyu grass with ease. I found burying the wire a bit hard, but once done you just set and forget. You don’t have to worry about emptying grass clippings, or having clumps of mulch laying around your lawn.

I would definitely recommend Moebot!

Kimjan Achilles (Melbourne, Australia)

Moebot has been awesome. I used to dread mowing, but this product has changed the whole way I enjoy my yard. I now love my grass areas and don’t even think about mowing as another chore. I love turning it on and walking away to go do something else.

Moebot has exceeded my expectations for transitioning to electric instead of petrol. It has also made quite a few of my friends jealous!

Peter Margetts (Sydney, Australia)

Highly recommend MoeBot, great mower!

After sale service is brilliant, all questions answered within minutes.

Love my new toy!

Shaun Ervine (Melbourne, Australia)

I have had the MoeBot now for over 3 months and have not had to worry about the back lawn since Feb. Our grass is healthier and softer than ever before. All you need to do is a quick whipper nip around the edges and the lawn looks amazing.

Highly recommend to anyone looking for an automated lawn mower!

See Moebot create a perfect lawn in just minutes

Don’t just take our word for it. See how MoeBot  cuts 10cm of grass down to 4cm in just minutes.

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To celebrate our launch into the USA we are selling 10 MoeBot’s at the insane price of $500USD. You’ll get a COMPLETE MoeBot 800 Install Kit for the low price of $500USD instead of $610USD. Your MoeBot will be shipped same day if the order is received by 12pm by DHL. Expect your MoeBot delivered within 10 days. 

Not even EBAY is this cheap!

ONLY $500USD + Shipping & Handling ($100USD)

  • MoeBot 800 robot mower
  • 100m of boundary wire
  • 100 pegs
  • Height adjustment spanner
  • Wire connectors
  • Charger
  • Base Station
  • Installation manual and videos
  • 12 month warranty


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